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Is there something wrong with your vehicle? Have you ever had a light go on in your car that isn't working? Our Kirton auto electricians can quickly find and repair electrical faults in old and newer cars. These Kirton auto electricians are well-equipped with the latest equipment that allows them to locate electrical problems in modern vehicles. Computer diagnostics can be used to quickly diagnose the issue. Many auto electricians in the Kirton area can help you determine if your problem is electrical.

Kirton Vehicle Diagnostic Services

Our Kirton auto electricians offer the following services:

  • Air Con refill/regas service for R134A or R1234YF types
  • Full servicing, repairs, and anti-bacterial cleaning for your vehicle's air conditioner
  • High-quality batteries and a battery health check at a low price
  • Diagnosing any problem quickly and efficiently using the most up-to-date equipment

Our auto electricians in Kirton offer Air Con refill/regas service for R134A or R1234YF types. We offer full servicing, repairs, and anti-bacterial cleaning to ensure that your vehicle's air conditioner runs as cool and efficiently as possible. For optimal performance, we recommend that your vehicle's air conditioner be serviced every 2 years with gas or lubricant. This will keep your car smelling fresh throughout the year and free from bacteria. Our local Kirton auto electricians can save you time and money by quickly identifying and fixing the issue. Local auto electricians can diagnose problems quickly and efficiently using the most up-to-date equipment.

Vehicle Battery Health Checks

A few Kirton-based auto-electricians stock high-quality batteries and offer a battery health check at a meagre price to ensure your vehicle's battery is healthy. Most airbag or SRS failures can be traced to bad connections. However, it's difficult to identify these issues without the expertise of Kirton automotive electricians.

Diesel Particle Filters (DPF)

Diesel particle filters must be used in vehicles with a mixed drive mode. This allows for the DPF to recharge and soot to clear up. If you drive too much in busy cities, your DPF warning lights will go on and tell you that there is an issue. You will immediately notice a sharp decrease in engine power, and the car may go into "limp mode".

Proximity Sensors

All road users don’t want to tackle blind spots when driving or parking; luckily, you can have proximity sensors installed to increase driver visibility and reduce the chance of accidents. The ultrasonic proximity sensors are fitted at the rear and front of your vehicle to minimise damage and avoid collisions with cyclists, pedestrians, or other objects. This system warns you if there are obstacles near your vehicle. A warning sound in the car informs you of accidents that are further away. Get parking sensors installed by a professional auto electrician in your area today.

Heavy Goods Vehicle Auto Electrician Services

Kirton Auto electricians can help you to operate heavy-duty vehicles safely. They will advise you on the best safety devices for you, including cameras, digital recorders, audible alarms and optical sensors. Telematic devices can also be fitted to HGVs. This can allow fleet owners to monitor vehicle activity and driver behaviour in addition to managing their vehicles. To install, maintain and repair a telematics system in your vehicle today, contact an auto electrician located near you.

Alarms and Lighting

Because of their directional sound and instant location, they are the most secure alarms. Multi-frequency alarms can only be heard within the zone of danger, eliminating nuisance noise for nearby residents. These alarms can be used in environments with moderate ambient noise and commercial vehicles. Auto electricians are also skilled in installing vehicle lighting. This includes LED Light bars, Work Lights, and Safety Lighting Solutions. You can contact an auto electrician to install lighting in your car, whether you need it for commercial fleets or individual lights.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Our Kirton auto electricians have access to the computer systems of most cars through specialist equipment. They can access the computer systems to pinpoint faults in specific areas of the vehicle and inspect individual circuit boards or components for any faults. They can diagnose a problem quickly and accurately to ensure cost-effective repairs. They regularly keep their equipment up to date to keep up with the latest vehicle electronics. An engine diagnostics test can identify problems before they become more severe and costly.

Modern vehicles have an engine control unit (ECU), an electronic computer onboard that continuously monitors vehicle performance. If there is a problem, sensors all over the vehicle will report it to the ECU. The ECU will generate an error code when an issue has been identified. The ECU will display the relevant dashboard warning light.

Specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment can read hundreds of possible error codes. A warning light on your dashboard may indicate that there is an issue. However, it's important to have a diagnosis done to determine the exact cause and extent of the problem. Our Kirton auto electricians use specialist equipment to diagnose your vehicle. This can be used to read any engine fault codes stored in the ECU's memory. Locally trained technicians will then be able to suggest repairs and correct the problem. Don't let the dealer charge you for a diagnostic check on your dashboard. Instead, contact a local electrician.

What Can Our Specialists Equipment Check For?

If your engine light comes on, it could be because there are hundreds of components in the engine. The diagnostic equipment interprets error codes from your vehicle's ECU and provides a detailed explanation.

Car diagnostic tests check for problems in various systems, including engine management, emission control, and lighting. In live data, multiple values are displayed around the engine to verify that all parts work as they should. They can reset service lights and test brake systems where electronic handbrakes are present.

Fault Monitoring and Logging

They can monitor sensors and actuators on the vehicle while it is still in their workshop or under any load. They can monitor and analyse the outputs of sensors in addition to the live data that is received from the ECU. The equipment can detect and repair problems that would be nearly impossible with the O2 sensors.

AirCon Services

Vehicle Air Conditioning units lose an average of 10% annually in refrigerant. This happens due to natural evaporation. An auto electrician may perform a Gauge test to see if your vehicle has low fuel and determine whether it is empty because of a potential leak. A Gauge check will be performed to determine the temperature of the exhausts, as well as visually check the pipes and connections. In the event of a suspected leak, an auto electrician will perform a thorough leak test on an Air Conditioning system.

Air Con Disinfect Service

It is recommended that air conditioners be cleaned at least once every six months. This happens because there is a build-up of bacteria and microorganisms around the evaporator. Air con systems have an evaporator, which allows water to evaporate onto the grill. After a while, bacteria, yeast, and microorganisms can settle on the grill. It is important to disinfect the evaporator at regular intervals. The majority of auto electricians within Kirton can quickly disinfect your air conditioning system in less than 15 minutes.

  • Gauge Test: A Gauge test determines if your vehicle has fuel issues associated with a potential leak.
  • Gauge Check: A gauge check determines the temperature of the exhausts as well as visually checks the pipes and connections.
  • Leak Test: To perform a thorough leak test on an Air Conditioning system.
  • Re-Gas Service: To clean the refrigerating agent by the filter dryer, lubricate the system compressor by the oil contained in the refrigerant and fill the refrigerant. Additional petrol will be required if there is not enough refrigerant.
  • Air Con Disinfect Service: To disinfect the evaporator at regular intervals.
  • Pollen Filter Cleaning Service: The passenger compartment of every car has a filter that filters dirt, pollen and dust particles from the air. This filter takes place before cool, clean air can flow into the passenger area. There is a limit to how much a filter can absorb. The filter should be replaced as needed and checked on an ongoing basis.
  • Full-Service: A full service performed by an electrician is recommended every 2 years. This will help maintain an air conditioning system's efficiency as well as prolong the lifespan of components, such a compressor.

Electric Faults

Our Kirton auto-Electricians deal every day in vehicles with immobiliser issues and are highly skilled in diagnosing and fixing the problem in the best way possible for customers. Experts in local areas are familiar with diagnosing and fixing electrical issues. They can fix various problems, including ABS, airbags, alarms, immobiliser, loom and wire burnouts, and other issues.

Electric Immobiliser Issues

There are many reasons why immobiliser issues can occur. Our Kirtonl auto electricians often encounter problems with vehicles' immobilisers, such as malfunctioning central locking systems and cars refusing to turn on.

ABS OR Traction Control

You should take your car to a specialist immediately if the ABS or Traction control light doesn't go on within just a few minutes of you driving. Faulty batteries, bad wiring, connectors, and broken brake lights are all common causes of ABS problems. This will not only put you at risk but also other road users, pedestrians and motorists.

Problem with Engine Management

Local auto electricians are experts at diagnosing and fixing problems with engine management. They can pinpoint the problem even when main dealers fail to fix it with their diagnostic equipment.

Airbag & SRS Problems

Bad connections or damaged wires cause most airbag and SRS failures. Without the right specialist equipment, local electricians may not be able to identify these faults. They can quickly pinpoint the problem area in the vehicle.

The most frequent problem is the difficulty in setting the car's seats. Airbag and SRS system wiring is usually thinned and becomes stiffer with time. It is not uncommon for wires or connectors to become damaged during seat adjustments. Our local auto electricians are familiar with common faults, which allows us to make significant savings for our customers. If an airbag warning lamp is visible, your insurance policy is not likely to apply. In other words, if you're involved in an accident, you won't receive any payment from your insurers.

The airbags can contain volatile and sensitive explosives. Do not try to fix or disconnect wires and connectors that are part of the SRS airbag system. The act of disconnecting a connector could cause activation, personal injury and damage to the dashboard, seats, or other vehicle parts. These dangers can be avoided by simply disconnecting the battery.

Body Control Systems

Most cars on today's roads have at least one Body Control module. These modules perform many functions such as controlling the lights and other components. No longer are you required to push a button that opens a window's electrical circuit in order for it to be opened. It is now more common for a button to be pushed to send a signal via your car's Can Bus Network, to the Body Control Engine which sends a signal back to the motor that opens the window. This is because it permits automatic window closing when the car is locked or alarm. While all of this additional functionality might seem great when things are new, the fact is that the increased number of control elements within vehicles can increase the likelihood of faults and errors. These faults can easily be fixed with dealer-level equipment.


If your vehicle has an emission problem, the system will disable some features and put it into "limp mode". When your car is running in limp mode, you will feel a decrease in power. They can diagnose the problem and repair the wiring issues. This will save you time, money, and the hassle of replacing broken parts.

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