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There are a variety of reasons why people may require the services of an expert local Higham locksmith. Our Higham locksmiths offer emergency callout services during emergencies such as when you’re locked out of your Higham house or vehicle. Our locksmiths also offer none-emergency services but equally important services, such as routine security checks and cutting new keys.

Higham locksmiths provide a wide range of different services to meet your every requirement. Experienced local locksmiths are domestic security experts and can advise you on various ways to enhance the security of your property

24-hour Emergency Locksmith

Are you in urgent need of a 24-hour emergency locksmith? There are 24-hour emergency locksmiths in Higham that are fully licensed and DBS-checked for your safety. There are 24 hour locksmiths available to assist you with a wide range of issues and unfortunate scenarios, including being locked out of your Higham house or losing your house or car keys. Most Higham based emergency locksmiths will aim to arrive within 30 minutes of your call, depending on traffic and other factors. This enables you to get into your house as quickly as possible in an emergency.

Most Higham based locksmiths possess the necessary training to assist you in any emergency situation. Maybe you locked your keys in your home or your lock is damaged. Our local emergency locksmith will secure your house if there are vulnerabilities detected following a break in. Most locksmiths strive to make their local community as safe as possible and ensure customer’s properties are not left vulnerable to being broken into.

What is the Average Cost of an Emergency Locksmith?

Most Higham emergency locksmith will add an additional charge for using their emergency service. However, the cost of the call will vary depending on what you need. It is worth noting, however, that an emergency locksmith will charge a greater rate for those who call outside regular business hours. There are many factors that will affect the final price of an emergency locksmith call, including parts required, work time and time of day.

What Does An Emergency Locksmith Do?

When customers need a locksmith in an emergency, our Higham emergency locksmiths will be there to assist them, whatever the time. They aim to respond within a 30 minutes window (wherever possible) and get your issue sorted quickly. There are many scenarios in which to contact a 24-hour locksmith, such as if you’re locked out of your home.

What Are The Reasons You Require An Emergency Locksmith?

You might require a 24-hour emergency locksmith for a variety of reasons. An emergency locksmith should be able to get you in if you lock your keys inside your house. This is common with locks that open automatically. If that happens, most local emergency locksmiths have standard locks on them and should be able to replace your lock right away. You will also need to call a 24-hour emergency locksmith if your keys are lost or stolen. Losing your keys or having them stolen can cause a lot of stress, and your home may not be secure. Our 24-hour Higham locksmiths can come to your house to replace the locks and provide you with new keys so that your home is secure again. Locksmiths are often called out when a lock fails to work. If this happens to you, you'll need to call an emergency locksmith. Locks can often become jammed or have parts that may be worn. To keep costs low, a reputable locksmith will fix your lock instead of replacing it.

It can be very frustrating to have your key stuck in the lock. You should not poke the lock or attempt to fix it by yourself. This can lead to more damage. A professional 24-hour emergency locksmith is available who can remove broken keys without replacing your entire lock.

Home Security Experts

Every 40 seconds, a burglary takes place in the UK. That is why our local Higham locksmiths work hard to ensure your home is secure with their home security services. Locksmiths offer a complimentary home security inspection on every call. This includes ensuring that all locks are in good working order and comply with your insurance company's requirements. They also provide unique security recommendations for your home. Local Locksmiths are industry professionals, DBS-checked, and accredited. They can suggest various high-quality products to meet your requirements for home insurance and offer our expert home security advice. You can feel confident that your home is as safe as possible.

British Standard Locks

Many home insurance companies will require that all doors and windows of a property be equipped with British Standard security locks. The 'UK Standard lock' will have been subject to rigorous testing. The tests cover strength, durability, and security. After a locksmith has installed the lock, it is retested and tested again to verify its safety, quality, and reliability.

How to identify a British Standard Lock

The BS Kitemark logo, which can be seen on the front of a UK Standard lock, is used to identify a British Standard lock. The BS Kitemark can also be seen with the BS 3621 2007 or BS TS007. These are current requirements for most Home Insurance companies in the UK.

Home Insurance Requirements

You may be able to file a claim with your insurance company to cover any damages caused by burglary. It is important that your Higham home meets all the requirements set out in your home policy. This includes minimum security or specific locks. Failure to comply could cause your policy to be invalidated.

Higham locksmiths can use their professionalism and expertise to ensure that your locks comply with home insurance requirements. They can also provide customised security solutions to keep your home secure.

Other Available Security Hardware

Local Locksmiths can supply and install various home security hardware, including lock fittings, lock changes and upgrades. Hardware such as door chains, door locks, patio door bolts, and window restrictors can all be used to secure your home.

Sash Jammers

  • Small devices that attach to the frame of a door or window, called sash jammers, secure it in place and prevent it from opening. They can increase your home's security and protect you from forced entry.

Patio Door Bolts

  • A patio bolt, usually fitted to patio doors with sliding tracks, is attached to the sliding door's track to prevent the door from opening when it's engaged. If the patio door locks are damaged, this security hardware provides additional protection from forced entry.

Window Restrictors

  • Window restrictions can prevent windows from opening beyond a specific point. The window restrictions are usually attached to the frame. You can adjust the length of the tether to control how wide the window opens. These are an excellent option to increase your home security, as they provide additional resistance in the event that someone attempts to open the windows from the inside.

Door Chains

  • The door chain is also known as a security chains. It is attached to the door frame and connects with the track at the back. This is to prevent the door from opening completely. A door chain is often used to protect a house from forced entry. It can be combined with locks to provide additional protection.

Insurance Guide and How Locks Can Affect Your Home, Contents and Car Insurance

Although you aren't required to have contents or home insurance, your mortgage lender may require homeowners insurance. It is possible to pay more for building, home or contents insurance if you go through your mortgage advisor.

Is There A Difference In Contents And Home Insurance?

Home insurance or building insurance covers your entire home, including the pipes, kitchens and bathrooms. If any of these components are damaged or destroyed, and your property meets the requirements set out by your insurance policy, then your home insurance can cover your costs if you need to rebuild it. Your contents insurance protects your property from theft, fire, flood, water, etc. Your mortgage provider will not require contents insurance, as they are only interested in the property and not the contents within.

How To Purchase Home Insurance And Contents Insurance

Although some mortgage advisors and lenders offer contents and home insurance as part of their deals, it's cheaper for most people to get home and contents insurance. It is easy to purchase home insurance or contents insurance through price comparison websites, which can provide you with the annual and monthly costs.

What Should You Look Out For When Looking At Home And Contents Insurance?

When searching for home and contents insurance, you should research how much it would cost you to rebuild your house from the ground up fully. An old-for-new policy for contents insurance means if a TV needs replacing, your insurance will replace it with the newest model from that manufacturer.

Personal protection cover is a type of insurance which covers personal belongings stored on the exterior of your property. For example, this could include a bicycle, CCTV cameras and anything stored in the garden, like a shed.

You will need to research specialised home insurance if you’re looking to get an expensive antique covered by insurance, as not all insurance policies cover antiques. Specialised home insurance may also be required for properties which have thatched roofs.

What Are The Types Of Factors Which Can Cause My Insurance To Be Invalidated?

You should also be aware of some of the factors that can cause your contents and home insurance to be invalidated, such as If your locks don't conform to British Standards and you're burgled, chances are that your insurance policy won't cover you.  You can identify If your locks conform to British Standards by identifying a unique Kitemark, which is a symbol that looks like a heart with an 'S' at the center) or locate the UK Standard number, which is BS3621. This engraving will be found on the lock. Higham locksmiths can replace locks that aren't British Standard to make them insurance-compliant.

In certain circumstances, insurance policies will often deny coverage, such as if your [ocation] house is broken into while you are away and your window or door isn't locked. If your home is not occupied for more than 30 days, your policy could be invalidated if it's burgled or any other damage occurs to the property. This is because thieves and burglars often scout out properties before they break into them, and your home would be a prime target and more vulnerable to theft. Insurance can also be invalidated if you fail to make repairs on your property, which directly compromises its security. If you decide to bring new life into your property by renovating it, unfortunately, something gets damaged. Your insurance may not pay out because you didn’t inform them that you were renovating the property.

Which Locks Are Insurance Compliant?

This can differ for every insurance company, so it is important to read your policy terms. However, there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure your locks are of the highest quality.

British Standard

  • These locks have been tested and meet the British Standards Institute standards for high-quality locks. These locks are recognised worldwide for being reliable and will receive a high level of insurance coverage. We have lots more information about British Standard locks.

Deadlock of the Five Lever Mortice

  • It is one of the most popular locks, and you have probably seen it before. The basic principle behind mortice deadlocks is that the more they have, the better they will withstand forcible entry. A standard insurance policy has 5 levers, so a mortice deadlock which includes five levers is more than compliant with British standards

You should always verify your policy details to ensure your set-up meets insurance requirements. Your insurance company might require you to install a five-lever mortice deadlock conforming to BS3621 for all of your property’s windows and doors that open to the outside.

Multi-Point Locking System

  • Because the bolts attach directly to your door frame, these locks provide a greater level of security than standard multipoint locks. They are most commonly found on UPVC doors. If you do have such a door, you probably already have one. The locks have 3 locking points that lock once you lock it. You might consider installing locks with SS312 Diamond-approved cylinders if you want a better home insurance rate.

Anti-Snap Locks

  • They aren't usually installed as standard and cost more because they help protect your lock from a particular attack method by burglars called "lock snapping". It is a common way burglars can gain access to your house. Unfortunately, lock snapping has been increasing in popularity in recent years in Higham.

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